I don't want to go.

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Wishing my Grandpa and Uncle would go to bed so I could….

They’re playing Scrabble in the room I have to sleep in, so I have to wait until their done. I honestly am really tired but I don’t really want to ask them to stop in the middle of their game….

So, yeah. I’m at my aunt and uncle’s house in Champaine(2.5 hours away from where I live; home of the University of Illinois). Tomorrow, my mom, aunt, uncle, and grandpa are all going to the Illini football game, so I’m getting paid to babysit my brother and cousin. Fairy easy money to be honest, as they mostly go off on their own and play by their selves(my brother’s 12 & my cousin’s 9, so I guess it’s not really babysitting…).

Anyway, guess I’ll be on tumblr until I can go to bed! Or rather, to couch….

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